Close Reading Assignment: The Sin Of Self-Love

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Elizabeth Woodruff
English 221, Friday 2:00 Section
Professor Bovilsky and Lizzy LeRud
Close Reading Assignment

The sin of self-love possesses his eyes, soul, and every part. the eyes indicate how self-love controls the way he sees himself in relation to the world around him. By saying it possesses his soul, he is showing how thorough self-love influences him--so that he accepts it as part of his inner core. Every part emphasizes further how complete the self-love is a connected to him. By saying self-love is grounded in his heat, the speaker is claiming that self-love is so intertwined in himself there is no distinction between himself and his self-love.
The first quatrain neither assigns nor absolves responsibility for the sin of self-love. Possesseth is meant to show the powerlessness of the speaker to resist the self-love. This does not mean the speaker feels completely comfortable with the self-love, as he does refer to it as sin.
The tone is matter of fact on the surface. It is relating unavoidable, if unfortunate facts about the speaker, Though he does refer to it as a sin, any shame or desire to change is not focused on in these first four lines.
The speaker equates the sum of a person’s worth with their physical attractiveness. The speaker talks about how his face and body are ‘true’ and thereby ‘his own worth do define’ (6-7). This is a speaker who believes physical appearance reflects the inner perfection or flaws of a person.
Self-loving only becomes

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