Close Reading Of Cather's Ashes

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In a broken, worn neighborhood with violence and poverty, a young girl named ashes must make a decision that will affect the people in her life. Ashes a young girl with parents who can't get along, a worn neighborhood with little money and the choice to help her father steal money from her mother or refuse to steal. Ashes took the money because she was influenced by her father, her mother never had a secure relationship with her, and ashes believed more in her father and cared more than her mother. Ashes was influenced by her father, she would do anything for her father to help him. Ash's father needs ashes to steal the money for him instead of him having to steal and possibly go to jail, he states “No, I just thought maybe you could borrow…show more content…
Ashes feels that her father is “like a warm day in January” (Pfeffer 1), he's the kind of person to always be there at the right time and surprises you with happiness. Ashes father always tells her she is “One in a million”(Pfeffer 2) and to not “let anyone ever tell you otherwise”(Pfeffer 2) because he cares about and loves ashes even and believes that she too should engage in following her dreams even if she might not succeed, she might need the confidence. Ashes and her father get along better than her and her mother, she even goes as far as saying “I wouldn't have any other dad” because all of her friends dads “they just tell my friends to study more”, ashes is happy that she and her dad are like best friends and not just formal like her friends and their dads. Ashes believed in her dad and trust he will keep his promise. Ashes was influenced by her father, she and her mother never had a secure relationship and ashes believes in her father and his dreams, ashes stole the money from her mother's teapot. Ashes took the money because she would do anything to help her father, even to the point of theft. Ashes had to make the toughest decision to help her father or spare her mother. She helped her
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