Closed Adoption Vs Open Adoption Essay

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Does the kid come with Smiles & Sunshine?

When people think of adoption what jumps in their mind is a child moving locations to better their life, to remove all obstacles and have a brighter future. People are extremely unaware to the point that they are blind of all the complications, physiological and emotional effects that a child may have after being adopted.
“Adoption can be full of happiness and joy, but it can also be full of loss, grief, and in some cases indescribable anger and dangerous behavior” (Do Adoptees). Adopted children are facing battles they can’t take on themselves and the adoptive parents are struggling to correct the problems that their children are facing. “The tragedy comes when adoptive parents do not understand
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This is a decision of a lifetime that should be made with caution no matter how large the issue is. “An open or semi-open adoption — one in which you meet the mother and sometimes the father — you should be able to get substantial health information” (Medical Issues). The informative background health, education, ethnic, conditions, diseases, descriptive details, and traits is only the start of the digging. As the process goes on the adoptee has the choice of seven different ways to adopt. Closed vs Open adoption is when the parent is faced with the most crucial decision of them all. “A closed adoption is one where no identifying information about the birth family or the adoptive family. An open adoption allows for some form of association among the birth parents, adoptive parents and the child they adopted” (Types of Adoption). These crucial decisions can lead to the adoptee harming their own self. “Some common issues observed in adoptees are depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, reactive attachment disorder (RAD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), identity development, general feelings of grief, loss, and rejection.)” (Do Adoptees). The stability of the adoptee is crucial to caring for the child. One must be able to care for themselves before they can take on
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