Closed Primary System

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In the election of the President of the U.S., the primary systems has been used to determine the next president through a long process. In order to campaign for office, the person must gain a nomination from their own political party. Then, after being nominated, the candidate usually run for presidency for at least two years before the election to test the water. Throughout the election, these candidates tend to put together a committee to gather money for their campaign. The money also goes to informing voters about the candidates, and what issues these candidates will address. So, if a candidate can’t raise enough money then the candidate will not be taken seriously. Based on the past, the primary system is an efficient way of selecting the next president, but it doesn’t represent all the people of U.S.…show more content…
In a closed primary election, it's only open to voters who are registered as one of the two parties–Republican or Democrat. However, in an open primary election, it’s open to all voters who can decide which party they want to vote for on the day of the election. In regards to voter, most people who usually vote depends on their education and other factors such as age. According to the statistics, younger individuals don’t vote as much as the older generations who knows the importance of voting. For the younger generation, they tend to not vote due to the complexity of voting, or they just feel that their vote won’t make a difference. This shows that there are barriers to voting. Nevertheless, the primary system is a not a very good system because this system doesn’t represent all the people of the
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