Closer Walk Analysis

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M5 Culture and Health Paper Kamar Etheridge SHMG-6000-17-18- SPB1-CGHS Professor Dr. Jaana Gold Global Health Issue February 9, 2018 Culture and Health Paper Summary of The Film A Closer Walk is a movie about acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) epidemic. The purpose of the film is to illustrate the underlying causes of AIDS; and the significance of health, social equity, human rights; and the need for the global response with compassion, and commitment to counter what has become the worst disease in human history. As per statistics of the movie, the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) has infected approximately 60 million people, 800,000 children were born with HIV and 10,000 people die every day…show more content…
Street-based adolescents in Ukraine are at significant risk of contracting HIV due to involvement in injecting drug use and unprotected sex (Busza et al., 2011). A Closer Walk illustrates that AIDS was spreading more rapidly in Ukraine as high as 15 folds in three years (Bilheimer, 2003). Adolescents have contracted AIDS by injecting heroin in their bloodstream as part of brotherhood tradition. In the movie, Ruslan represents an example of how AIDS infiltrates the society, as he will inject heroin and share the same needle with Katrina his partner (Bilheimer, 2003). Ruslan indicated that 40% of his generation (aged 15–19 years) tend to share the same needle as part of the culture. Ukraine experienced many of the social and economic disturbance that have a significant impact on population health (Busza et al., 2011). According to the movie, the price of heroin is very cheap (cost only one Ruble) and to avoid reality they tend to be drug users (Bilheimer, 2003). Lastly, globally, homeless and street-based adolescents are particularly vulnerable and experience multiple adverse health outcomes, high probabilities of HIV risk (Busza et al., 2011). As A Closer Walk Reveals; 70% of people who are infected with AIDS are drug users in China and Russia (Bilheimer,
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