Closet Monster Monologue

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The Closet Monster Joe runs up to his room and says, “This is where we will be sleeping the two nights”. Then carson whaled out with an, “AWESOME! You have the biggest TV!” “Indeed” says joe in a smug face feeling posh. “Anyway, let’s get this sleepover started!” LATER THAT NIGHT… *Jiggle, Jiggle JIGGLE* “Carson? Is that you?” *JIGGLE jiggle* ”“Carson, funny joke, you can stop now!” *JIGGLE JIGGLE....Creeeeeeaak* “Oof! Ow... sorry about that Joe.” “CARSON! What were you doing in my closet!?” “Eating a PB and J sandwich, and I guess the jelly got on my hands because i kept jiggling the door and not actually opening it.”, “Sorry,”. “Ach,” Said Joe annoyed, “Why were you eating the sandwich in my closet?” “Because I didn’t want to wake you up
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