Clostridium Difficulee Case Study

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The morality of Healthcare acquired infections has increased tremendously whereas; both inpatient and outpatient clients have been infected during a hospital visit. These infections has weaken the sick which may lead to additional medications, or surgery, and extended hospital stay. According to (CDC 2002), healthcare acquired infections are result of unhygienic practices in medical field. This includes ambulatory surgical centers, hospice center, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Most common infections that plague the healthcare is Clostridium Difficule (C.diff) that lives in the intestinal tract which causes a sereve case of diarrhea. C.diff does not affected healthly people but can be alter by use of some antibotics…show more content…
Within this committee, a Physican a doctoral degree in infection diease will be the appointed of this commitee. This is achieved by a program held with the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America in conjunction with the( CDC). While the infection control team is intimately involved with infection control within patient and employee populations it also reports to other administration within the hospital to allow for transparency within the proceedings and to use the expertise of others within the hospital administration. Besides the committees there are other employees that on an infection control team which has direct care of the sick patient. This team implement a specific guidelines for workers to help prevent the transmission and spread of infection through isolation and other healthcare habits. Much of this information is giving through training and educational programs given by the educationol departments. An example of guidelines that are essential for the healthcare worker are specified Hand washing is one of the most effective methods in prevention of the spread of infections. Depending on the type of care being provided there is a different hand-washing protocol indicates. For example, with routine care in the hospital,
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