Clothing Brand Disadvantages

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Some people want to be doctors, rockstars or even astronauts, I want to be the owner of a clothing brand. A couple years ago I was doodling on some paper and made a design I really liked, and thought about how it would be cool on a shirt or hoodie. A clothing brand is the logo seen on different company’s clothing. Successful clothing brands can earn millions or even billions a year. Clothing brands like Nike or Gucci became very successful companies and make billions of dollars a year. The companies make a profit when selling their merchandise they make their clothing, put their logo and design on it. Then the company sells it for more than they used to make their clothing. I want to start a brand called Mad and make shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, hats, etc. A clothing brand is the logo seen on almost every piece of clothing made by a company. This logo represents the company that made that shirt, hoodie, or even a hat of some sort. Those companies all started small selling t-shirts or hoodies. People then started liking there logo and started buying more from them. Some owners today started off by selling t-shirts they…show more content…
The brand someone owns could become one of the leading clothing brands in the world making the owner rich. The biggest benefit of owning a brand is brand recognition. Owning a brand instead of starting up a new business saves the person the time and effort of building a reputation and attracting customers. The owner of a brand also gets recognition and becomes a well known person who succeed in life. If the persons company succeeds it will grow very fast, faster than it did at first and eventually it will be competing with top of the line brands such as Adidas or Nike. “The best part of my job is being connected to the Springfield community. I love helping create jobs, donating to local causes and building a better future.” Said Brina Thomas the owner of 5 pound

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