Clothing In Ancient Egypt

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A day for a woman in ancient Egypt would be like any normal day, like waking up to prepare breakfast for her husband; women would wear linen dress that would keep them comfortable from the rough heat, and world wear a reed necklace with an amulet of a goddess Tawaret, who is believed to protect a woman and her baby during child birth difficulties (many gods are goddesses, like ISIS too who are equal to male gods). Even unhealthy women can afford servants to help her keep the house and take care of the kids; they would go to the market to bring groceries like lentils, chickpeas, vegetables, honey since sugar was not discovered yet, and meat. But meat was mainly for special occasions because meat was expensive to buy and eat every single…show more content…
Clothing was made from linen, few from wool. Linen was spun from the stem of a flax plant; the finest thread came from the youngest plant. Spinning, weaving and, sewing were important activity at all levels of society, especially for women. Royal harem women were involved in commercial enterprises and lower class women and workers produced clothing for their families and sold the rest for profit. They applied some colors like red and blue and yellow but integrating dyes but most were kept natural white color. Women’s clothing looked similar to a sari but with space for the neckline. Royalties had capes on them.
The most important accessories were the wigs. Mainly shiny black wigs that was associated with youth. Wigs were also very practical to protect your scalp from heat or keep you warm in the cold. They were proud of their wigs; they cut their hair short and made wigs out of their long hair before cutting them and sewing them into a wig. They didn’t pretend wigs were their real hair it was the normal thing to do. It was almost un-cool not to have a
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Lucky indeed! Egyptian women enjoyed the same legal rights and economic life as the Egyptian male but within the same social status! Since as I said earlier, social position is more based on social rank not on gender. But to move your social status upwards in Egypt did exist. If a man’s social status moved up, he can move his wife’s social status with him too, but may decide to leave and divorce her and marry someone from the new upper social status that he earned. But also woman, on their own, without help of a man, without marrying a man of status, may elevate their own status by growing rich on their own, on their own resources and hard work! The opportunity was there for all women, and that’s all that

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