Clothing In Farah's Culture

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Farah is daring. Even though she came from a different country, she still wears the clothes she wore in her country, at the end of the story Farah finally says the word ¨apple¨ outloud, even though she can 't speak English she comes to a new school.

Even though she came from a different country, she still wears the clothes she wore in her country. In this part, since Farah’s religion is different, she dresses differently even though all the other kids dress in pants and shirts. She doesn’t care about what the other kids think about what she wears. Farah is taking on with what the people in her culture do, especially the women and girls like her. She doesn’t really get bothered about what her classmates think because it is her culture. Farah wears something that is important to her
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Farah is copying all the other women and girls in her country to represent that she is from that specific country and not just any city or street. Farah dresses in it because she likes to, not that she is forced to do it. She won 't mind if she is made fun of because she thinks that dressing like that is important to her country and her. In the text Farah says, “Though all the girls and women in my home country do.” This shows she is daring because she isn’t being a follower and following what all the people in the new country wear. Lastly, this shows daring because even though she moved to a new country, she hasn’t left behind her culture. I think that it is important because it is daring and she is saying that everyone in her country do it, but over in the new country everybody is dressed differently. While she is dresses in her culture’s clothes. I think that being daring can really show another side of you and your personality. I also think that I would want to be daring like her because if I am not daring I will never get new opportunities to things. Next, I think that Farah
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