Clothing In Guatemala

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Guatemala is famous for its natural beauty and ancient ruins. One of the most famous attractions in Guatemala is the ruins of the Tikal. The Tikal 's is one of the largest archaeological sites and urban centers of the Maya civilization. Its original name is believed to have been Yax Mutal which means “Place of Whispers”. But the food also brings in a lot of the tourist like the tamales. Instead of the traditional Mexican tamale it 's wrapped in banana leaf. And just to top that off Guatemala is also famous for its coffee and it is now one of the biggest producers in the world. Okay let me tell you the history of Guatemala, so originally Guatemala was a Mayan civilization. But then the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Alvarado in 1523 and…show more content…
But for you who don 't know where Guatemala is. It is located in Central America. Guatemala 's neighboring countries are Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and also El Salvador. The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. What a Coincidence. But if you’re looking for the exact location of Guatemala is 15.7835% N, 90.2308 W.

Clothing is a huge effect in Guatemala 's culture. The Mayans of Guatemala are the most colorful costumed people in the Americans. While traditional native Americans dress has disappeared through time. Guatemala is a place where a high percentage of the indigenous people still proudly wear their traditional dress called traje. In Guatemala Mayan traje is a village specific or language group related. For the men they wear colorful hats, button up shirts, maybe a jacket, faja belt, and knee or calf length pants. While the women wear a headress maybe, hulpil, and a wrap around skirt.

One of the most famous traditions Guatemala has are their Worry Dolls. The folklore of the worry dolls has been passed down for many years. It is said that any worry you have can been take away with the dolls. You tell your doll the worries you have and tell them all your troubles. Then put the dolls under your pillow and go to sleep. It is said you will sleep perfectly through the night because the dolls are working on the worry. In the morning you wake up and the worry is gone because the worry doll has taken away all you
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Guatemala does have its disadvantages. Since Guatemala is located on the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean makes it a target for hurricanes to come through. Back in 1998, there was a hurricane names Hurricane Mitch and it is ranked the second deadliest hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. This hurricane killed 19,325+. What made it terrible for Guatemala was that the rain was 75 inches which caused flooding and mudslides. And then seven years after Hurricane Mitch comes Hurricane Stan. Hurricane Stan was actually a week hurricane but it was still very deadly. There were 1,513 fatalities and the damage was 988 million. The worst accident that happen was in Panabai, Guatemala. After the weeks of water rained down this created a mudslide. This mudslide killed more than 600 and hundreds more missing. Guatemala got hit the hardest where over 500 hundred bodies were recovered. The cleanup effort went by slow and the large construction equipment seemed useless in some areas. Everything was destroyed from homes, bridges, and highways. Some of the towns became so overwhelmed the destruction including the mayor that he declared the town’s
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