Clouded Deception In Kate Chopin's The Storm

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Lust is seen as a powerful emotion that at some points can seem to bring a sense of clouded deception. Throughout Kate Chopin’s: The Storm, Calixta, a well rounded character with a past to her name, is faced with numerous examples of clouded deception that only seem to drag her further down the rabbit's hole. As the story starts Calixta's motherhood is juxtaposed with the conflict both her son and husband have to go through in the beginning of the story. Later she is met with a conflict that seems to challenge everything she has known and loved, and decides to fall for the lust all humans have in the back of their minds. Kate Chopin’s: The Storm shows that that a well-rounded individual's past met with coincidental symbolism can lead to clouded…show more content…
This further indicates the human quest dealing with what is right vs. what is wrong for Calixta. The storm had no official impact on her. It was the thrill of a distant memory, an old fling that had driven her to lay with Alec, not the storm. The storm was only an additive to give the characters a scapegoat if they are exposed in the future. Calixta had only been momentarily clouded by judgment from the storm considering she continued the sexual acts even after the storm begins to pass. And as Calixta seems to put on a facade for her husband and son, the house is surrounded by a “palace of gems” (3). These gems are just pieces of wet grass leftover from the storm. An indication of the falsehoods that now have tarnished the home and family forever. And even though the storm had passed, a form of clouded deception seems to sink into Calixta and Alec. Both cheating spouses attend to their family like nothing of the sort had happened. Their intertwined histories colliding with the catalyst of a storm seemed to get both spouses to desire what they want as opposed to what is right. The Storm held no real impact, it was human nature’s curiosity for feeding
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