Clover's Speech In Animal Farm

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The following speech is given by Clover soon after the pigs started sleeping in the Manor House. “My fellow comrades, I am here to tell you that the pigs are not good leaders. Now I know that this might come as a shock to everyone, but I want you to hear me out. Recently, we found out that the pigs started sleeping on the beds in the Manor House and at first, we were all disturbed and we all remembered a rule that banned animals from sleeping on beds, which is why we all confronted the pigs. But then Squealer convinced us that this was not the case. Squealer convinced us that the pigs were doing the right thing and many of you were convinced, but I was not. I was starting to see a pattern here and so I told Muriel to read me the Fourth Commandment.…show more content…
The pigs are not good leaders because they aren’t following the commandments that we all agreed upon, which is why I urge you all to fight and overthrow the pigs to truly make this an Animal Farm. Long live Animal Farm!” Clover uses all three rhetorical strategies in her speech. For example, when Clover uses facts to tell the animals what the fourth commandment says, she proclaims, “The Fourth Commandment states that no animal shall sleep on beds. There was never anything about sheets” to develop the logical appeal by making the animals believe that the pigs are not following the Fourth Commandment, so the animals can overthrow the government of pigs. In addition to facts, Clover also uses repetition when she describes what life was like soon after the rebellion in the sentences, “Back when we animals used to prosper. Back when we were in control of everything that we did. Back when we gained our freedom” to develop the pathetic appeal by reminding the animals how far they have come from when the rebellion first started so that the animals realize what the pigs are doing. Alongside repetition, Clover also uses strong verbs such as “abuse” when she explains how the pigs have violated the
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