Clown Fish Facts

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The Story Behind Clown Fish Facts

If you have ever seen the movie of 'finding Nemo', you must be known that Clown Fish Facts is very amazing. People, especially kids are started to love this kind of animal. Clownfish has more than 20 species. The length of between two to five inches long, and the most famous species of it is like no, although crown fish has maroon, yellow, and more colors.
Habitat and Clown Fish Friends

Clown fish live on the ocean floor and they need warm water to stay alive. They will find it in the Pacific Ocean, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and in the Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This kind of fish is anemones and they hang out all the time and help each other. Anemones are the kind of fish-easting animals. You can
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The clown fish will clean the anemones by eating the dead tentacles. I am the way from them to get food from anemones. Clownfish also help the anemones from predators. Just like the demo movie, we know that clown fish has a good immunity. They just need some time to make it in the new place and new water condition. They love the warm water, but when there is no option rather than cold water, they try to face it.
Clownfish is not a rare fish because they can produce more fishes at the same time. They are reproductive and does not matter about the partner, they can easily find their partner. Clownfish has a scientific name is Amphiprion cells, with its family name, is Pomacentridae. They can live for 6 to 10 years. The length of this fish is 4 inches long, or it is about 10 centimeters long. The clown fish does not have tentacles, but in fact, they live among the tentacles. Is it possible for us to eat this kind of fish? Well, this fish is usually jutted to decorate our aquarium. It is not for eating because of the tiny body. We will not get full and stop to eat if this kind of fish is in our menu. Besides, the cute side of their body makes us not easy to cook it. Therefore, just let this kind of fish in your
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