Clueless Film Analysis

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Topic 1: Film genres
Through the 1995 film “Clueless”, written and directed by Amy Heckerling, the idea that film genres are located in industry and texts and audiences is clearly shown. “Clueless” is an American typical romantic comedy. This film can be seen as a hybrid genre as it include different characteristics of two film genres. In this movie, elements of humour and romance are both illustrated by its generic formulas and story content. The film talked about the heroine Cher goes through her perplexed teenage and finally realizes she is interested in Josh, her stepbrother. The central love story between Cher and Josh included many elements of a typical romantic film, such as not blood siblings and jealousy. After they admit their feelings to each other, the film end up with an emotional satisfying and optimistic ending, like every romantic film. In addition, the director also build a joyful atmosphere for the entire film. In order to construct a humorous effect, she used a catch phrase “as
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For the film industry, genre is a category that classifying similar films together roughly based on their similar story content and generic formulas: fixed pattern of the way the story is described. There are many kinds of film genre, such as action, romance, comedy, musical, horror, science fiction and so on. Different film genre has different particular format of context, way of narration, purpose and audience. Under the category above, there are more sub-genres grouping by years and period, by country and languages (national cinema), by series (the Harry Potter series), by style, by narrative structure (narrate from the beginning or the end, narration interspersed with flashbacks), by purpose (tragedy and comedy are designed to let audience feel different emotions), by audience (animation is usually for
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