Cmn 556 Unit 3 Journal Essay

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CMN 556 Unit Three Journal Unit three was quite challenging and very rewarding. So many of the patients I encountered during this unit (actually unit two because I have not had any clinical so far in unit three) have had ongoing struggles with addiction, specifically to benzodiazepines. I made it one of my goals for this unit to learn more about the proper use of benzodiazepines, and to discuss with my preceptor the many options for alternative medications and the treatment of anxiety. Benzodiazepines are not prescribed as widely as they once were, not just because of the addictive nature of this medication class, but because there is new evidence-based research that shows that there is a high risk for developing early-onset dementia with prolonged use. In the past, patients with diagnoses such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Panic Disorder were given this medication in order to reduce anxiety symptoms. My preceptor and I discussed both the dangers of this class of medications as well as their usefulness. We also discussed the fact that there is new research to…show more content…
We discussed alternative approaches to the treatment of anxiety with different medications. The two medications my preceptor often suggests to patients that are non addictive are Vistaril and Seroquel. Because these two medications are non-addictive as well as offer a calming effect on patients with anxiety, my preceptor said that they are often used for his patients. My preceptor encouraged me to offer Seroquel or Vistaril first in the future when I am when dealing with patients and their anxiety. I still strive to accomplish the goal of knowing which medications would be best for aparticular patient, and how to decide on one of these drugs over the other one based on the patient’s needs. I think I will get into the habit of presenting both medications to my patient, and letting them decide what sounds like a good fit for
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