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. What industry(s) does CNR operate in? (3 marks) Canadian National Railway (CNR) is publicly traded company since 1995. It operate in service sector force on railway and transportation industry. CN is currently the largest railway in Canada, in term of both revenue and rail network. Ii. What is the company’s strategy and how is it positioned within its industry? Who are the customers, suppliers and competitors? Company Positioning and Strategies CNR is a long-time leader in the railroad industry and is increasing its effort to connect with their suppliers, communities and customers to maintain its position in the industry. The company’s strategy is to continuously aim for operational and service excellence by ensuring its safety and…show more content…
Competitors The competitors are Canadian and U.S. railways (Canadian Pacific Railway Company), long distance trucking companies, companies who transport via the St. Lawrence-Great Lakes Seaway, the Mississippi River and pipelines. iii. Identify key elements of the company 's business / business environment that impact the company’s operations and profitability. (6 marks) Economic slowdown The slowdown of economy forced the company to change its plans. It caused the company to reorganize their resources to fit a declining economy. The company had to reduce its cost by having employees working in stations where traffic decreased significantly be laid off. Competition The company faces a considerable amount of competition from other railroads as well as other method of transportation. While railroads must build and maintain their rail systems, other transportation method such as trucks are able to use public right-of-ways to conduct business and the right-of ways are built and maintain by the public. Therefore, the company had to invest more, reducing its profitability. This impacts the company as there are more competition, the difficulty to operation and gain profit

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