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CO 210-01 Chapter One Homework Tracy Crawford 3a) Pandora Radio was playing and water running in the kitchen sink 3b) My children opened the door to let me know that “Mom, I am going to play.” 3c) I said no as the door slammed shut. Therefore propelling me to follow to make sure the children heard my response correctly. 3d) My children were disappointed that they couldn’t play with their friends until after some of the chore list was completed. 3e) The complete message was “Mom, we are headed to the park” but with the noise I miss heard their statement and they didn’t care to hear my response as the door was shut before I replied. CO 210-01 Chapter Two Homework Tracy Crawford 1a) Husband returns home from an appointment.…show more content…
This conversation was a brief interaction that transpired quickly. Where one participant wanted specific information and the other gave the response the other was looking for. Another principle that is being used is that communication is purposeful. The interaction was very brief, where one wanted to know how the appointment went. The conversation may have continued if the recipients answered differently. CO 210-01 Chapter 3 Homework Stereotypes: 1a) Place: Guam is not in the USA Food: Watermelon, fried chicken and grape kool-aid are favourites of the African American Community Religion: All muslims believe in the koran and are terrorists An Organization: All major charities do good A Career: Lawyers are nothing but no good liars Group of People: All Canadians are polite 1b) Place: 80% of Americans are surprised to find that guam is a territory of the USA Food: 50% As with anything there are some that like certain things while others do not. Religion: 75% of muslims may worship the koran but that does not necessarily make them a terrorist. An Organization: 10% of major charities may do good. As they seem to have a costy CEO at the helm A Career: 25% of lawyers maybe liars while 75% are trying to uphold the law. Group of People: 95% of canadians are polite. They will apologize for being mean. CO
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