Co-Creation In Designer Fashion

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The notion of marketing developed from product-focused to consumer-focused is long standing, and the influence of consumers in the process of brand development can not be underestimated nowadays (Linehan, M and Cadogan, T. 2000). This article explores and examines the co-creation process, affirming the importance of co-creation in the entrepreneurial development of designer fashion enterprises particularly. By analysing the three essential stages through grounded theory and in-depth interviews, respectively, presentation, interpretation and reaction, the author holds the belief that the continuous cooperation between stakeholders and enterprises can help brand development effectively, and can obtain distinctive brand recognition in which condition…show more content…
This research emphasises that there is a complete process within the co-creation, namely, presentation, interpretation and reaction, this expresses that fashion enterprises release design collections and catwalks to show their design idea, receiving feedback from stakeholders and developing into their own understanding, reacting according to their own circumstances, while evolving and maintaining a unique positioning, and ultimately achieving their aims with brand identity. This opinion is clearly confirming about the efficacy of co-creation in enhancing brand development, at the same time, the author also underscores that the entrepreneurs and designers of fashion industry should be cautious about the feedback from stakeholders, the feedback that not in line with the brand development’s direction should be discarded, since it is of vital importance to maintain the strategic consistency of the…show more content…
However, the object and scope of this study is very limited, and it is impossible to verify whether this theory is effective in other industries and fields, hence, it lacks universality. What’ s more, for the practical use of co-creation, I think is also controversial, first, product design and aesthetic fashion style is the core competitiveness of a fashion brands, while involving stakeholders in brand building may be risky to some extent, such as inconsistent design styles, disclosure of enterprise information, etc. Second, it is not easy for brands to integrate mountains of feedback, while balancing the relationship between long-term brand vision and short-term market

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