Co-Op Refinery Case Analysis

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After paying higher price for Fuel for farm equipment, in 1930 eight farmer raised their money and decide to open oil refinery which fulfil their day to day fuel requirement of Saskatchewan Farmer- owned gas stations. At the beginning refinery produce 500 barrels a day for few gas station and today they produce 130,000 battels a day for all the western Canada‘s Co-op gas station. * I selected Co-op refinery for this exercise because this organization have lots of different department and they also have lots of the process to refine oil which will give me more opportunity to provide much more information in below 9 section. Structural Decisions Example Considerations Capacity Co-op Refinery can produce $130,000 barrels a day in their refinery.…show more content…
It was not own buy signal organisation or person, its own by its member. Co-op Refinery is in the business for helping community and their members. Co-op Refinery have two kind of major purchase, one is for material and another is for Service and as refinery are setup to help the community so you will see this pattern in purchasing as well as like Co-op refinery like to support local vendor and contractor so they will try to spend as much as possible in their own community. Supplier and contractor play really big role in refinery operation. Refinery is located in middle of the city and one mistake can blow the whole city so contractor need to work with company high level of safety standard. Refinery have business analysis to work with project manager to see if they have to make or buy the product also Refinery have Master service agreement which define the contractor responsibility and their requirement to work at refinery and Contractor also require to have A or hire rating with ISN before they can apply for any RFP or…show more content…
And this Document help refinery in their day to day maintenance as well as in emergency. This Document have detail information about this equipment as well have step by step process for repair or service. Every equipment have unique equipment # and refinery maintain this information in their system. Also in System, Every Equipment setup with their Spare part list. Once Planner create work ordering system than purchasing department purchase the material and scheduling department schedule the people which require to complete this work, once all the products are require arrive at stores or taken from stock to complete their work. Also Refinery plan Shutdown activity of their every section every three years to minimise their emergency Day to day maintains. Refinery also stock lots of the spare parts for some common component or some of the critical equipment to prevent downtime in
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