Parenting Together When You Live Apart

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Parenting Together - When You Live Apart Co-parenting while living apart can be very difficult but parenting together as a “Team” is still best for your child’s well-being. You always got to make sure the child come first. Let your child know it’s okay to love both parents even though they are not together. Being a good team while living apart takes cooperation, commitment, and effort. Co-parenting, sometimes called joint parenting or shared parenting, is the experience of raising children as a single parent when separation or divorce occurs. Often a difficult process, co-parenting is greatly influenced by the interactions of each parent. So, if you're parenting in a healthy way but your ex isn't, your…show more content…
Your child needs to know that he/she isn’t the blame for the separation and that it’s ok to talk about his or her feelings. Build a strong parenting team. Be polite when you talk to and about your co-parent. Don’t have your child “spy” on the other parent. Share parenting responsibilities. Disagreements will occur but you can solve them without hurting your relationship with your co-parent or child. Calm down and take a deep breathe. Clearly state the problem and take turns saying what you think and why. Compromise, if needed. Don’t pull your child into your conflicts. Avoid conflicts in front of your child. If your child witnesses your conflicts, make sure he or she sees you “make-up.” Children need to know it is alright for them to love both parents even if their parents don't love each other. Children benefit when parents encourage the relationship between their children and the other parent. Make sure your children can be proud of both their parents and hear good things about their parents. All parents make mistakes. Even if you believe the other parent is a jerk, it causes unnecessary harm to tell the child. Children feel defensive when someone criticizes their mom or dad. Children are stuck in the middle of having to choose sides when they hear negative things about their parents. Remember, even if you no longer love the other parent, your children love both of you and it hurts them to hear bad things about someone they love.…show more content…
Working together is the key making things difficult for your ex will only make it harder on your children. Start making plans for co-parenting as early as possible and enter into the separation process with your children’s needs as a priority. Co-parenting, as well as any changes that may arise during and after separation, such as moving house, changing school, or dividing up holiday periods. Children may find their parents’ separation more difficult than you realise, but with careful understanding from your child’s point of view, you can ease them happily into their new situation. It’s important to let them adjust at their own pace don’t insist on a strict division of care or demand that your children spend time with their family. Successful co-parenting comes down to flexibility and collaboration. Your children have the right to a relationship with their parents, but it is up to you to try to make that relationship as loving and supportive as possible.A large part of that is attempting to cooperate with your co-parent. Effective co-parenting pays off. Good co-parenting can help you make the most of your relationships with your child and co-parent. Your child is worth it. Always try to think of your child’s needs first! It’s hard and all but as long as you have a support system and help things will get better. Remain positive and humble for

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