Co-Work Observation

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My experiences, which I had been in constant disagreements with my co-worker at my workplace, Kittell Academy. The disagreements were between female co-worker and I about my business attire. My co-worker believed that my attire is inappropriate in Kittell Academy. 1. This conflict occurred in Kittell Academy Program for the Deaf Adults, surrounding by the business suites office and medical clinic. The environment in the classrooms was medium large (design like a small apartment without bathroom); divide into 4 rooms, which it includes wooden and workstation desks along with wheeled chairs; including one small office for staff, and two small workstation desk for teachers. The classroom contains six white Melamine Dry Erase Board. In the backroom,…show more content…
During the incident with Mary, she didn’t really care whenever she says. Because she does not take no offense from others, but I saw her behavior that she treats other students in the classroom. She failed to respect to the person in a right way 2. Yes, it depends on the person, children, or staff. For instance, with my roommate, who can be really annoying, selfish and disrespectful to other roommates; but as for me, I had to stand up for myself. 3. My co-worker understands that verbal statement being told from our boss without the employment handbook and she said, “I am not following the professional workplace rules”. 4. I never thought about her feeling or thinking about me behind my back. Until I saw her behavior being snotty person, who trying to compete to be superior or intelligent than me. She dislikes me for who I am or find a solution to get rid of me. I guess. There are too many discriminations in the job. Strategies 1. I need to avoid to being upset or outburst over minor details. According to me, I want to change my emotions, being indifferent. 2. This isn’t easy subject to discuss because I have a hard time to trust any who listen my situation, and they tend to gossips my private information to
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