Coach Ad Analysis Essay

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A picture is worth a thousand words, one can say. The meaning of a picture results in different opinions from many viewers. These images, such as artwork and ads, have become a source of communication in this new age of society. Magazines, such as Instyle, targeted to women with ads or perfume, clothing, women health, etc. The ad I am focusing on is a Coach perfume, a popular brand towards women. The coach ad has a combination of physical features: lighting, text, and camera angle to provoke an emotional appeal that can be received by indulging with the perfume, gathering a sensation of love and peace, triggering the audience to buy this product. This coach as is in an Instyle magazine, which issues every month. Inside of the magazine, you will see many ads dealing with clothes, cleaning supplies, beauty, and jewelry, which leave you to the conclusion that the audience of this ad is for women of all ages. The ads surrounded by the coach ad consist of women with a city setting in the background also. The ads are big name brands that are popular in young women’s fashion. Also the…show more content…
The city is in the background separating the two settings, with the sun focusing on the woman and the pile of flowers and weeds surrounded by her. The city in the back of the model with less lighting and a blurred look was showing the separation from the city lifestyle; the woman now a distance away in a natural setting able to receiving a more peaceful stable environment that she can love. The flowers around the woman look wild and free, just as the model looks with her hair blowing in the wind, in tone with her surroundings. The flowers are pink and red duplicate to the three bottles in the bottom of the page, and the flowers portrays a wild and uneven setting matching the name and the theme of the perfume, “Poppy
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