Coach Bonding Case Study

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Initially, the black athletes meet for the first time in the gymnasium where there is a sense of segregation and uncertainty. Instructions are given by coach Boone and his authority is laid down. The white athletes enter with their white coach and there is tension and doubt about their roles on the team. Coach Boone desegregates the athletes in an attempt to form a team. Storming
There is aggression between the team members and struggles for dominance. Ground rules are laid down by coach Boone; meanwhile, he strives to instill a sense of unity in the team. Yet the gap between the two coaches is not getting narrower. Moreover, he believes that the achievement of perfection depends on channeling the athletes’ anger into a team effort. In addition, Gerry and Campbell have a confrontation where they honestly evaluate each other’s performance on the team; consequently, the team begins to move into the norming stage.
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This is depicted in the locker room scene as the players engage in “mama jokes”. A sense of team unity emerges when Campbell and Bertier have a bonding moment in front of the team members and they realize that they have a goal in common that needs to be
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