Coach Boone Swot Analysis

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1. Why was Coach Boone given the head coaching job of the Titans?
At T.C Williams’ high school, Coach Boone was given the position of head coach for their football team. His racial background influenced their decision trying to get black residents to see him as a symbol of pride and respect that lacks in their community. He was appointed because he had prior experience and best fit the role, although if he fails to deliver it is mentioned that he will be sacked. The board was threatened by African American citizens at the school, would be in trouble if they didn’t give a black person a front position.
“Every head coach in the system is white we had to give him something!” – T.C. Williams board member
2. Why did Coach Boone want coach Yoast
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Why was Coach Boone so hard on the players?

Coach Boone was naturally aggressive person, he uses his aggression on the players to help them become the best they can be. Having an equal chance at success between black and white players were essential to make the team compactable. Coach Boone pushed the boys incredibly hard, it was all in his plan to get them to realise that life was not a smooth easy journey, it was tough, and you have to fight for what you want.

5. What did coach Boone hope to achieve by making the players spend time with other players of a different race?
By getting the boys to spend time with each other, he wanted them to get to know the person better and understand that they are normal human beings. His underlining theme that Coach Boone carried throughout the film was colour doesn’t matter. He wanted to escape segregation between the races, he wanted to prove that they can work together to achieve the same
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What was Coach Boone’s vision for the team? What significant events lead to Coach Boone achieving the vision he had for the Titans? What things did Coach Boone need to do in order to achieve his goal? Why was goal setting important in the titans achieving success?
Although winning would secure his job as coach, his main goal racial equality between the players were defiantly his vision for the team. By achieve this goal the players learnt to respect each other which created greater results for the team. Events that lead to achieving his vision was training camp, most importantly was showing Gettysburg graveyard where the biggest battle in the Civil War occurred. Coach Boone’s speech engaged them to act on what he said. Forcing them to ride, room and eat together pushed boundaries for the players but all succeed in fulfilling his goal. Therefore further into the film another event occurred which was Gerry’s accident. All the team came to the hospital which showed friendship between the players.
What Coach Boone did was to make the players understand they didn’t need to like each other, but to respect each other. Forming a strong bond between them would bring their new form of thinking into the school and community, to change opinions on how people see
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