Coach Carter Essay

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Coach Ken Carter thinks long term and looks to the future. Mr Carter knew that for basketball to continue to be a part of the players’ lives, they had to improve other aspects of their lives, their academic results. He saw the need for the players to balance their commitments between basketball and education to progress to the next stages in their lives. Coach Carter is focused on an all round person more than just an athlete itself .Coach Ken Carter is a very Good example of what Coakley would want from a coach , focused on the educational performance and the sport itself. Both mr Cater and Coakley agrees that its more important to create a student athlete than it I to create an athlete. Some of the problem Coakley touched on was that academic administrators sometimes focus more on athletic accomplishments than on education.…show more content…
Coakley also touched on the fact that the NCAA motivates High Schools to create student athletes and if it wasn’t for Coach Ken Richmount High would have been just another school brining up athlete’s ineligible for College. Coakley’s talks about the athlete’s GPA minimal requirement set by the NCAA and this has also been implemented by Coach Ken. The famous words of coach Carter are “These boys are student athletes. ‘Student’ comes first”. Coach Carter understands that the likelihood of any of his players going on to have a career as a professional basketball player is very slim. For that reason, he forces them to focus on their education to improve their quality of lives .Coakley also stated that sport creates an ideal spirit and also a good income and this was seen in the movie. The arguments of Coakley and the actions of coach Carter are very similar I would say if Coakley would appoint a coach it would be Coach Ken
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