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In 2005 Paramount Pictures released a drama film, Coach Carter directed by Thomas Carter. The movie is based on a true story, in which Richmond High School (California, USA) head basketball coach Ken Carter, became famous in 1999 for benching his undefeated team due to poor academic results.
Toward the start of the movie, Coach Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) takes low maintenance, low-paid occupation coaching the basketball team at his old high school, Richmond, California. At the start, the young men, non-knowledgeable and in a defiance path, are unruly and insolent. Their team lost the most all of their games in the previous season.
Synopsis of the scene selected for management aspect identification: Respecting the opponent
In this scene, the
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The mentor's vision of the team/group requires that players/members are more than not just the basketball players/team members yet genuine men/human being, ready to act as many things and it is towards this target he needs to lead them.
The film the Coach Carter showed all the aspect of management (planning, organizing, controlling, and implementing). In the movie, the management aspect behaviors impacted the team. "Coach Carter" is about how one man could figure out how to venture into the hearts and brains of boys and transform them into grown-ups, teaching them how to behave to be a champ on and off the court. With his forcing presence, intense voice, and readiness to enable the teams' best players to stop in the case that they won't take after the rules, Coach Carter knows how to take control and impact
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From that point, the coach keeps up his position and comes into conflict with his chain of importance. This scene is an essential part of the film, the point where even the Coach, the leader, can perceive a mistake and remain against a higher authority. This is the capability of a great leader.
Once the last game finished, the coach comes to see his players in changing rooms to express them his delight. In reality, in spite of their defeat, they gave the most extreme of themselves, even playing as evident champions and knew how to keep head up. They knew how to keep in memory all the training of their mentor while never demonstrating unworthy.
He clarifies them that he had come toward the starting show players of basketball and that they progressed toward becoming students, to instruct young men and that they moved toward becoming men. That is the reason he expresses gratitude for them in light of the fact that regardless of whether he is the leader he learned with them similarly as they learned with

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