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1.10 AS 90854 Sam Fletcher 10SK XJN Title: Coach Carter Author/Director: Thomas Carter Text Type: Visual Date: 20 April 2015 The movie ‘Coach Carter’, which is based on a true story is about a young basketball team at Richmond High School that is situated in an underprivileged area of California, who have struggled throughout their season, both on the court, in the classroom and in their personal lives. New leadership is introduced to try to improve the side and Ken Carter becomes the new coach. He brings with him new principles and ideals that allow his team to be successful on the court and in the classroom He is well known for benching his undefeated team due to poor academic results which breached a contract that he had…show more content…
For example, the strong leadership that was shown by the character of Ken Carter (played by Samuel L. Jackson) when he sets some strict guidelines outlined in a contract that says the players must maintain certain academic standards to continue to be allowed to play basketball in the team. I agree with this perspective that it is important to maintain a balance of sport or other recreation with academic success. I believe that this idea that maintaining a balance is very important. I believe that we can acquire different perspectives and skills that can relate to other aspects of our lives. For example, you can acquire the understanding of teamwork through sport and you can then use this in other aspects of your life. This idea that in order to have success in a specific area of your life, you have to work for it and do what it takes to achieve the goals that will lead to that success can be applied to the world around us. I believe that message doesn’t only apply to the Richmond High basketball team but to all of us in whatever aspect of life we desire to be successful in. Society dictates that in order to be successful in life we must be successful academically. True sporting success is very hard to achieve and is a very risky path. I believe that it is important to maintain…show more content…
The author is suggesting that everyone needs someone to follow. Everyone needs a purpose, which can unite and inspire teamwork. We see an example of strong leadership in the character of Ken Carter. He has strong points of view that do not seem right to the players at first but they eventually see that under the leadership of Coach Carter and with a bit of purpose, they have achieved their goals. “I came to coach basketball players, and you became students. I came to teach boys and you became men.” I believe that if we strive to have the characteristics that Ken Carter showed and taught the members of the team in the movie; resilience, trust, honour, self-worth, purpose and most importantly, teamwork, then we can achieve whatever goals we set ourselves. I think this is very true because it shows us that we don’t have to come from a privileged family or society, but as long as we stick to what is right, we can achieve a lot of our

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