Coach Courtney: What Makes A Good Leader?

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undefeated “I’m really surprised we’re not undefeated.” Not because of the way we’ve played, but because it’s hard to get to this point without losing a game.” What makes someone a good leader? Good leaders are very temptational people, who take risks. Understandably, they try their hardest through all kinds of doubt. Do you have an idea of what a good leader is? In the documentary Coach Courtney is an inspiring person, just because he worries about his fellow football player more than himself, and his family. After what all his players done and have been through he’s always tried to make everything right. A good leader to me shows who you really are. Depends if you give up easy or just keep…show more content…
Considering that he puts so much consideration and inspiration for this team tells me how far you can go in life. The reason some what of the people here on earth put other problems before there’s is because they want to be a guide, they understand things people are going through. Whether the possibities are that you’ll get hurt, or what could go wrong. Considering myself as a good person and hard working, yes. If I put other problems before mine, i don’t think that would be the greatest idea. Usually putting other people’s before mine isn’t something i’m good at but i love helping people out. It makes me feel better. Coach Courtney is more than a coach, but a leader. Leaders have tons of people that look up to them, and they trust them. It inspires them to do better in life. “Leadership is not an position or a title, it is an action and example.” Leaders are honest and trustworthy enough for people to look up to them, Which is something Coach Courtney is out of the movie
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