Coach Herman Boone In Remember The Titans

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In “Remember the Titans”, Coach Herman Boone, who is played by Denzel Washington, is the first black man that becomes the head coach of an all-American high school team. He was going to be part of the of one of the first mixed race school at T.C. Williams High School. At first, he is not seen as the right candidate for the head coaching position but nonetheless, he was given the head coach position and would be working alongside coach Yoast, the head coach who had won 15 season titles at T.C. Williams High School. Although Coach Boone was a black man, he was very qualified for the position and had won several titles in the state of North Carolina to prove his competency as a head coach. He had a tough and rigid personality that showed others he wasn’t scared of the head coaching challenge that he was going to be facing at the newly racially integrated school and community. Although he did not have to,…show more content…
In the scene when he introduces himself to Coach Yoast and his assistants, he is given a negative approach from the assistant coaches. Coach Boone stays calm and confronts the coaches calmly and introduces himself and what he is hoping to gain. He explains that he is not there to take Yoast’s position and that he did not sign up for it, that he was put in the situation. The assistant coaches try to bring him down by saying that Coach Yoast has won many titles and is being honored for his great work and doesn’t need him to ruin that. Coach Boone explains that he himself has also won several titles, and is qualified for the position if he is given the opportunity. He is self-confident and is trying to explain to the coaches that despite the color of his skin he is a reasonable candidate and is willing to be an assistant coach, even though he will soon become the head coach. He doesn’t care about what others think about him, he believes in himself when no one else
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