Coach Swot Analysis

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Coach Inc. Founded in 1941, Coach Inc identifies a leading American marketer of fine accessories and gifts for women and men headquartered in New York (Coach, 2016). Coach has continually sought to maintain the high level of quality experienced within its products through continuous development of new categories, which has maintained the company’s signature style and distinctive brand. SWOT Analysis Strengths  The provision of high and superior quality leather  The provision of unique and innovative styling pertaining to leather  The provision of affordable prices pertaining to the company products  The introduction of fresh designs and clothing every month  The development of strategic alliances with several companies including Movado …show more content…

Sales promotions and public relations currently make up the bulk of Coach’s promotional strategy (Shukla, 2011). Pricing Strategy: The Company incorporates value pricing within its products to ensure that the products do not incorporate very high or very low prices, thus catering to all income levels within the population (Liu et al. 2012). The company seeks to incorporate list prices for all the product lines to be incorporated based on the market prices. However, the company seeks to incorporate product discounts based on the quantities bought to increase demand for the product while enhancing market penetration (Bian & Forysthe, 2012). The developed strategies pertaining to product development and positioning influence the development of the company’s brand in the market thus creating a competitive advantage. Increased penetration into new markets provides the company with a competitive edge as it garners a larger customer base within the new markets such as the MENA …show more content…

The main activities of the group include passenger and cargo air transportation, the provision of engineering services, pilot training, air charters together with tour wholesaling. Company Strategies The company has sought to maintain two main strategies that enhance the company’s competitive advantage within the market together with the development of a larger market share. Through the integration of the balanced scorecard, the company can effectively assess its operations within the market against the operations of the competitors in the industry. Through the integration of customer-relationship management models, the company can develop a larger customer base and consequent market share. The process may be influenced by the identification of customer needs, and consequent provision of the market needs through the company products (Singapore Airlines,

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