Coach Knight Resilience

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Coach Bob Knight was able instill resilience in his players by using the correct emotional intelligence. He analyzed the situation and effectively influenced his players to perform well. Emotional intelligence is a set of five components, broken into self-management and relationship management, which allow leaders to successfully comprehend and lead their subordinates. Resilience is the ability to understand, deal with, and develop from your own failure. Coach Knight is able to create affective, cognitive, and behavioral resilience through self-awareness, empathy, and motivation. The affective domain of resiliency involves self-regulatory capacities and the belief that “I am valued.” People possessing this domain are able to regulate their emotions and thoughts on the personal level. A Person in the environmental context would feel community belonging and acceptance. An emotional intelligent skill that allowed Coach Knight to impart resilience was self-awareness. This self-management component allows one to understand their own emotions, as well as the influence on others. Although was extremely brutal to his players, he knew what effect this would have on the team. He was willing to throw even the best players out of practice and remove their scholarships. Coach Knight did not want anyone believing that they could relax. Obviously,…show more content…
People display this resilience through engagement in a meaningful activity and believe that “I am competent.” An emotional intelligent characteristic that Coach Knight displayed was motivation. His motivation and “will to win” attitude was always present. For example, he illustrated this attitude through a winner-take-all drill. Furthermore, he would motivate others through push-ups, wind sprints, and insulting verbal barbs. While some observers thought he was too harsh, Coach Knight was able to get his players to listen and win through these

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