Coach Pennington Character Analysis

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Character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. There are many, many people who have a specialty in their character. They may be honest, inspiring, or dedicated. Someone I know is all of these and many more. This person is Coach Pennington. Coach Pennington is a really inspirational person. There are many positive things about him, including the fact that he is very determined to teach his players about any sport he teaches along with life lessons. Along with positivity, there is also negativity. One negative thing about Coach Pennington is that he has a temper when his team loses or does something wrong, considering the fact that he came from a very successful school (Wichita Falls High School/Old High) and succeeded in sports as well. If Coach Pennington wasn 't the way he is now, he would be very rude and unforgiving to his team. Coach Pennington is as supportive as if the players/students were his own, and I believe that he has a strong character.-87 …show more content…

There are responsibilities that our society, and our community, that are taken care of everyday. Ray Bednarz is my grandfather and he started having complex responsibilities at only the age of 5. My grandfather did his responsibilities by taking care of his siblings, even the ones who had disabilities. There are many, many positive things about him, one being that he served in the United States Navy after he married and had his first few children, and the responsibility of taking care of more children. With positive results comes negative results, for example, my grandfather was very tough on his kids and grandkids considering his time in the field. If he wasn 't the way he is now he wouldn 't finish his responsibilities as he did and is doing. My grandfather had many responsibilities thrown at him at such a young age, but that didn 't stop him from living his

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