Communication Barriers In Professional Sports

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Thesis: Communication between coaches and their players and how their relationship effects their overall performance in athletics.
Article 1 Communicative dimensions of the coach/ player relationship can have a profound impact on the self-esteem of the adolescent personality involved in sport activities. Assertiveness training is a part of standardized coaching clinics can be an important ingredient in improving the coach/player relationship. Wolf (1969), Lazarus (1971), and Rimm and Masters (1974) have demonstrated that aggressive behavior generally results from nonadaptive anxiety which inhibits the appropriate expression of assertive and effective communicative response in the individual.
Questions to consider by both coaching staff members and the coaches themselves can aid in identifying potential coaching candidates for communication training:
Do you always have to get your opinion across, even at
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Article 5
Communication problems in professional sports: the case of Greece The purpose of this research was to explore the communication barriers among coaches and players in professional sports, define the basic communication principles, and suggest methods of improving the communication process. The results of this research showed that the most important communication problems between coaches and players in professional sports are: the external factors, the limited time, the language, the ability of perception and the negative attitudes. Coaches considered the external factors as the most import, especially when their teams are playing away. The factor of the negative attitude was considered as a main problem only by one coach.

Laios Athanasios, (2005) "Communication problems in professional sports: the case of Greece", Corporate Communications: An International Journal, Vol. 10 Issue: 3,
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