Coach Training Case Study

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4. Chapter Four Results - 6147
4.1 Introduction
This chapter presents the findings that are most relevant to the four research questions about the journey of an internal coach about:
1. What are the views of the coaches (both trainee and established) views and expectations of the role of the internal coach?
2. What are the lived experiences of the coaches (both trainee and established) as they trained to become a coach?
3. What are the personal and professional gains and learnings internal coaches have obtained on their journeys from health professional to internal coach?
4. What can be learned from existing coaches’ experiences to assist in developing an improved service to Health Service coachees in the future?

The detailed analysis comes
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The coaching course was advertised and healthcare professionals in the North and South had an opportunity to make application.
Participants advised that they viewed the course as an opportunity:
“I definitely had an interest and when I saw the advert I jumped at it to be honest and plus there are very few opportunities like that really”. (P2)
“Yes, I could have bitten your arm off to get the opportunity to receive the coach training”. (P8)
The participants linked the coach training to their professional roles and spoke of the management skills and tools they hoped to gain:
“I felt it would help supervise my own, it would be another tool in the toolbox”. (P1)
“From that we were shown the GROW model and a couple of other things as well. They were very much tools and techniques. So I would have taken them back with me to use in my manager role” (P6)
Two participants spoke of how they had used some coaching skills in their roles before commencing on the
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A lot was taken for granted and listening to the person and the issue and trying to bronze over on the issue. So my experience of the triads to be honest has not really been great”. (P7) 4.3.3 First Experience of Coaching
The participants openly discussed what their first experiences of coaching sessions with a ‘live client’ was like and what was important to them in the coaching process. A ‘live client’ is a coachee who has volunteered for coaching and these sessions followed the practice sessions. The first experiences varied but most participants described how they were ‘nervous’ and ‘felt challenged’.
“I was nervous beforehand.. I was shaking the whole way through it”. (P1)
“There is a lot of nervousness and there is probably an over emphasis on structure, until you get comfortable and relaxed with somebody……. But having said that I would've been comfortable enough in what I was doing, it worked out very well they were very focused on very clear issues”.

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