Coaching: Systematic Feedback Intervention

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Coaching is a technique of systematic feedback intervention which is designed to enhance professional skills, interpersonal awareness and personal effectiveness (Kampa-Kolesch et. al., 2001). Whereas, based on Peterson (1994), he stated that coaching is a process that equips people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities which they can use it for professional development and also to increase their effectiveness. Coaching also can be described as a guide, structured and continuously monitored improvement process which will brings a participant closer to the pre-established optimum performance level for one’s current function in an organization (Colomo et. al., 2006). Colomo and Casada (2006) describe coaching as a conversation process between…show more content…
Whereas, Whitmore (2003) define concepts of coaching as “unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance and it is helping them to learn rather than teaching them” this is primarily related to individuals’ performance and enhancement of definable skills and general starts with the goals of learning and already identified (Cole, 2002).
Generally coaching involves the informal communication between supervisors and others in day to day basic that consists of rewarding positive performance which is exceed expectations, correcting attitudes which is not meet expectations to performance and also help to enhanced performance even there is decent in performance (Armstrong, 2009). Fieldman and Lankau (2005) argue that coaching relationship involve one-to-one counselling about work related issues, use of 360- degree feedback and propose improvements in the effectiveness of one’s current
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They define coaching as “helping to change the behaviours that threaten to derail a valued manager” (p.316); the process of coaching can be different on the basis of the workplace situation. Term of coaching mainly denotes to the methods of assisting others in order to develop and learn new skills, improve, find individual success, attain determined goals, and balance individual challenges and opportunities for success. Basically, coaching can address behaviours, attitudes, skills and knowledge and could also focused on spiritual and physical enhancement of the

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