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This year our HPE class been assigned to design and construct a fifteen minutes coaching session which was relevant to the chosen sport of Volleyball. The coaching session had to consist of a highly effective skill used in the game of volleyball such as a Set, dig, spike or serve. This multimodal presentation will evaluate and discuss the effectiveness and furthermore provide justification using examples from my session and furthermore give specific recommendations to further improve the effectiveness of my coaching session.
Volleyball is a complex game of simple skills. The ball is spiked from up to 60 cm above the height of a basketball and takes fractions of a second to travel from the spiker to the receiver. That means the receiver must assess incoming angle, decide where to pass the ball and then control their pass in the blink of an eye. A purely rebound sport (you can't hold the ball), Volleyball is a game of constant motion ( As stated above it is essential for a player to learn the basic of volleyball to consequently be an effective
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Prior to conduct my sessions it was established that the general population of the class were proven to be on the associate stage of learning). The associate stage is the learner begins to demonstrate a more refined movement through practice. Now that the learner has had some practice and has identified various stimuli that may occur, they can focus on “how to do” moving on from the “what to do” in the first stage (L. KEITH TENNANT 2004). There were also a few students in our class who were on the first stage of learning known as the cognitive stage. The cognitive stage is the initial stage of motor learning; the goal is to develop an overall understanding of the skill (L. KEITH TENNANT 2004). This meant that the drills we had to construct would able to be completed by a cognitive and associate

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