Coagulase Lab Report 1

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Coagulase test Coagulase is an enzyme that causes plasma to clot by activating prothrombin to form thrombin which then catalyzes the activation of fibrinogen to form fibrin. Coagulase test was performed one drop of citrated human plasma was added on a slide by using a plastic loop or wooden stick,. Mix well and clumping was observed within 10-15 seconds indicate the coagulase positive test. Citrate test- Fresh (16- to 18-hour) pure culture was used as inoculation source. A single isolated colony was slightly streak on the surface of the simmon citrate agar slant. Incubate at 35ºC for 18 to 48 hours. Growth was observed at the slant surface and the color of medium was changed from intense green to a deep Prussian blue. Determination of antibacterial efficacy of ch-AgNps The antimicrobial activity of pathogen was determined by kirbuy stokes method. Different concentration of ch-AgNps such as 20µl, 40µl, 60µl, 80µl and 100µl were taken. Muller hinton agar plate was prepared for the test. 500µl of each culture suspension was added in sterile MH agar media plate. 50µl of standard was loaded into the well of plates. 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100µl concentration of ch-agnp was added into the respective wells. . S.aureus E.coli, s.typhii, P.aeroginosa, was incubated at 37º c for 24 hrs. C.albican was incubated at 22 c at 72 hrs. Result and Disscusion: TEM Analysis- TEM microscopy illustrated that chitosan conjugated silver nanoparticles were typically in spherical shape

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