Coal And Coal Pollution

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ABSTRACT Coal is an old technique and efficiency and emissions through technologies clean coal in small modern coal power plants taken. The energy of coal still generates energy for millions of people in coal plants. Coal, like all other energy sources, has a number of effects on the environment; both coal mining and coal use. The use of all technologies for electricity production will inevitably lead to some degree of pollution. A number of advanced coal combustion technologies have been developed to improve the efficiency of power generation from coal. New technologies for efficient combustion of coal reduces emissions of CO2 and other pollutants such as NOx, SOx and particulates. LITERATURE REVIEW Coal fuels more than half of Americans use electricity in this country. The United States has the largest recoverable in the world-more often than the oil reserves or domestic natural gas reserves. While Duke Energy power generation has its roots in hydropower, coal units in the 1920s continued, as the demand for electricity, homes, businesses and industries flourished. The economics of using coal as an energy source remains an interesting option as Duke Energy works to maintain affordability and reliability for customers. All energy sources have advantages and disadvantages, and coal is no exception. Duke Energy is working diligently to ensure that our coal plants with all state and federal environmental permits and comply warn coal combustion residues and potential effects
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