Cause And Effect Of Global Warming

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Global warming is a serious problem that refers to having too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This problem interacts as a blanket, trapping the heat and warming inside our planet. Humans are used to burn fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal for energy or log and burn the forests for creating new other products. The atmosphere by that is overloaded with carbon dioxide emissions (Climate Hot Map, 2011). There are some specific waste and agricultural management practices that increase the burden on earth by releasing other global warming gases. These other gases include nitrous oxide and methane. Scientists claim that 95% of global warming is caused by the increasing concentration of the greenhouse gases and other activities made by humans. There are many causes of global warming coal burning, car and vehicles and methane gas.…show more content…
People are addicted with electricity and electricity has many methods of being released but one of them is coal. Coal is used on a large scale for generating electricity and for burning the power plants to release enormous amounts of carbon dioxide through the atmosphere. It is known that is the US, there are about 40% of carbon dioxide emissions coming from the production and generation of electricity. It is known that more electric gadgets flood in the market and are highly dependent on the usage of coal to generate electricity for them as a supply for these goods and products (National Geographic,

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