Coast Guard Leader Analysis

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The United States Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers’ Academy (CPOA) has been an exceptionally positive experience. Implementing what I learned at he academy in my daily life will be of great benefit both professionally and personally. Over the course of the five-week course, there have been many self-assessments in which students explore their personality types which give an understanding of themselves and other personalities which will be a valuable tool for leaders. Three particular experiences will have resonated with me and I intend to take with me as I move forward as a Chief in the Coast Guard: physical fitness, Leadership Practices Survey (LPI), and the DISC personality assessment. For some time now I have been overweight. Meeting the minimum weight standards for the last several years and only just passing the semi-annual boat crew/ boarding team physical fitness has become a norm a norm that I am not proud of. While at the CPOA, I have exercised every day. There are many ways…show more content…
Prior to attending the CPOA, students are required to send out a survey to peers, subordinates, and managers. This survey was valuable to me. A common theme is that I am caring and approachable – qualities I value as a leader. I was also told that I need to be more assertive. This is something I am aware of and will continue to work on. I also was informed that I do not like my people to fail. This is extremely true. I have never seen this as a problem. However, I see how allowing small mistakes to occur is a learning experience we all need to have. Through the positive and negative feedback received in the survey, the experience and insight have helped solidify my decision to request the role of Command Chief on-board and to pursue qualifications as Officer in

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