Coastal Defence In Holderness

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Coastal defence in Holderness (UK) Task to evaluate the need of a variety of for coastal defences at “Holderness”.

Research question : Is the use of methods involving both hard engineering and soft engineering helpful for the coastal defence management in holderness?

Hypothesis: Rock armour is one of the most common and suitable method of coastal defences at Holderness.

This case study includes a description, about Holderness and issues relating coastal erosion and methods which can be used for solution to reduce the amount of land eroded .

Holderness is located in an area of the East Riding of yorkshire, on the east coast of England.Holderness contains many cities which are flamborough Head, Mappleton , Aldbrough, withernsea
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Mappleton has intense erosion at a rate of 2.0 mm per year which results in the access erode begin 50m from the cliff edge. In Withernsea ,the main erosion here is same as that of Hornsea. happens at downdrift of Withernsea.

At the Spurn Head material eroded from the Holderness cliffs are swept southwards.

Hard Engineering

Type of coastal defence Description of the defence Advantages Disadvantages
Are wooden barriers made at a right angle triangle to help retrain material for the beach building groynes prevents the misplacement for the beach material.
Is seen as unattractive barrier is expensive to build and keep up
Sea Walls
Are mostly used for the front of the cliffs ,frequently to protect the settlements. protects the base of the cliff sea wall are seen as unattractive and very costly to build
are concrete or wooden that are usually built along the base of a cliff.
Absorb the energy of the
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However, due to the use of hard measures, downstream of the measures the erosion has UROSION Case Study 21 increased. In between the towns with a fixed coastline, bays seem to be developing due to this erosion. The sea defences seem to be creating artificial headlands because erosion on both sides continues. As time progresses this could mean that the headlands (towns) become more and more exposed to the force of the waves, while the coast in between the headlands will erode more and more until a stable bay is

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