Coastal Wetlands Case Study

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Bildstein, K.L., Bancroft, G.T., Dungan, P.J., Gordon, D.H., Erwin, R.M., Nol, E., Payne, L.X., Senner, S.E. (1991). Approaches to the conservation of coastal wetlands in the western hemisphere. The Wilson Bulletin, 103:218-254. Doi:

 This article highlights the reasons behind the decline of coastal wetlands in multiple locations throughout the Western-Hemisphere. For example, Bildstein et al. state that in the Everglades, contamination of the soil is threatening the wild-life and plant-life in the wetlands in that area. In addition, the article also analyzes methods that specific organizations have created to help in the conservation of wetlands. It answers the questions pertaining to efforts of
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The article goes on the explain the negative results of this release of carbon dioxide, such as GHG emissions. This article answers questions regarding efforts to protect and the benefit of protecting coastal wetlands. It is useful as it goes into specific detail about one of the major problems caused by the lack of coastal wetland management. Knowing that the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is a major negative impact on the world, it may be useful in attempting to create a solution to that…show more content…
(2001). The economic value of wetland services: a meta-analysis. Ecological Economics, 37:257-270. Doi:10.1016/S0921-8009(00)00276-7

 This article primarily focuses on the services provided by coastal wetlands. The article thoroughly explains how coastal wetlands provide many benefits to the global economy and ecosystems. Some of the benefits listed in the article include protection against floods, production of goods, and water purification. Woodward (2001) aims to value coastal wetlands in order to increase efforts put into restoration. The article will be useful because it lists a great amount of benefits that coastal wetlands provides and would allow for the creation of solutions on how to maintain these benefits.

Zedler, J.B., Kercher, S. (2005). Wetland resources: status, trends, ecosystem services, and restorability. Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 30:1-473. Doi:

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