Cobalt 60 Research Paper

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Isotopes are atoms from the same element that have the same number of protons but have different number neutrons. This essay will be discussing an isotope called cobalt-60 also known as CO-60. This essay will include both text and diagrams to show and give information about this isotope. An isotope is an atom from the same elements that have the same number of protons but have different number neutrons. CO-60 is an isotope is a radioactive isotope it is known for radiation therapy for cancer, this is able to kill cancer cells. The half-life of cobalt 60 is 5.3 years. The relative atomic mass is 58.93 and cobalt 60 is a man made isotope so it does not have a relative abundance. Cobalt 60 is most commonly found in the democratic republic of Congo where it is known for being major producers of cobalt. I have chosen this isotope because I actually learnt about it in class and before I used to think that there was no cure for cancer but after hearing about cobalt 60, which helps kills cancer cells I got…show more content…
Firstly it helps us in our health issues, Industrially and can detect many things this is sometimes used also for security uses such as, it can detect explosive devices and also it used for scanning rail cars for cargo and passengers that are not allowed to be on. Firstly the most known use of CO 60 is for health for killing cancer cells by delivering high percentage of radiation to the cancer this then kills the cancer after time but there is a bit of damage that is put onto the near by organs. Starting with the industrial uses of C0 60 in further detail with industrial radiography. Co 60 is used in Radiographic film is exposed when it is struck by radiation passing through the objects being tested. If there are cracks or breaks on the metal part more radiation will pass through and it will be filmed on the radiographic film.
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