Cobblestone Pavers Feasibility Study

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The most exposed part of your asphalt driveway is the edge. The edge of your asphalt driveway is more likely to experience high rates of wear and tear. If you want to protect the edge of you asphalt driveway and extend the overall life of your driveway, you should install pavers around the edge of your driveway. Not only will the pavers make your driveway look classier, they will help protect your driveway as well. Choosing The Material You can use just about any type of paving that you would like to line your driveway with. Cobblestone pavers tend to be heavier and are the sturdiest choice. However, you can also use brick or concrete pavers as well. The key is to choose a style of paver that you find visual appealing. Gather Your Supplies You are going to need to have a little experience with power tools in order to complete this job. You are going to need…show more content…
This will help protect the asphalt from water and wear and tear. Only a portion of the pavers will be shown. You are going to need to dig a trench for the pavers. Ideally, about half of the paver should be underground. Measure your pavers and divide the height in half. Your trench should be at least that deep, plus an extra inch for the concrete that will hold the pavers in place. The width of your trench should be about twice as wide as the width of your pavers. This will allow you to pour concrete around your pavers to keep them in place. Once you have dug the trench using your lines all around your driveway, you are going to want to create a system to make sure that your pavers are level after you put down the concrete. You can do this using wood stakes and string. Place wood stakes next to the trench, and tie a string between each stake at the height you want your pavers to be. This guide will help you keep everything level as you work. Prepare The

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