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Domestic violence is a fast growing worldwide phenomenon which expresses through physical and psychological abuse of the victim by the violent side. As part of it, there are men who abuse their women in different ways, who can be categorized as "Pit-bulls" or "Cobras" by different features. In this essay I will present differences and similarities between the two types of abusive men.
On the one hand, "Cobras" and "Pit-bulls" are very alike when it comes to decision making, because they have both chosen a violent pattern of aggression and abuse in order to deal with marriage or couple conflicts instead of using other ways such as: using more verbal communication with their women, getting professional help from a marriage/couple counselor or putting more time and effort into working marriage/couple problems out in a creative way. But, the two types make a full aware choice of turning to violence and abuse as a solution to problems, they do have different ways of expressing it, but the decision to turn to violence remains the same.
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"Cobras '" main reason for abusing their women is attempting to regain their authority if they think it 's lost and reconstructing their status as the 'boss ' of the household. Unlike them, "Pit-bulls '" motives are completely different, their reason for using violence against their women is often an emotional trigger like being jealous and having a separation anxiety which makes them lose control over their reactions, lose proportions and erupt aggressively.
In conclusion, "Pit-bulls" and "Cobras" have similarities and differences, but the most important thing about them is that they are very dangerous to their wives, each one in his own way, and must be properly treated by authorities and law in order to prevent the continuity of their unacceptable
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