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By:- Ayman Khaled El-Baqer 13204035 Nour Mohammed Nour 13200329 Omar Dawood 13104978 * Background:- "Coca-Cola" is a carbonated soft drink. It was originally intended as a patent medicine, invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton. The name Coca-Cola refers to two of its major ingredients. The Kola Nuts, a source of caffeine, & Coca Leaves. The company was later bought out by businessman Asa Griggs in the 20th century which later led to Coca-Cola 's smash success. Throughout the years, Coca-Cola managed to sell, distribute, & merchandise its products to retail stores, restaurants, &vending machines. It later introduced other cola drinks such as Diet Coke, Caffeine-free Coke, Coca-Cherry, & Coca…show more content…
to increase profitability in Egypt -Questions should be discussed and covered by the end of the research: 1) What are the factors that may affect the market share? 2) What factors cause Coca Cola 's customers to switch to its competitors in such industry (Pepsico)? 3) Is Coca Cola able to be the leader of the beverage industry? 4) What 's the relation between profitability and market…show more content…
“Gertner, D., Gertner, R., and Guthery, D., 2005” *Coca-cola possibility of leading soda industry in Egypt: Coca-cola can easily be the leader of soda industry in Egypt, as its market share is so close to PepsiCo. 's one. As in graph.. This graph represents the market share of the 4 biggest companies in Egypt based on their sales in 2015, if we looked at the difference between the market share of coca-cola & PepsiCo. , we 'll find that the difference is minor, which means that coca-cola can beat it. “, 2015” *Theoretical Frame Work: -If..then Statements: If competitors are few, then opportunity to increase the market share is higher. If market strategy is better, then the market share will be better. If the political forces decrease, then the market share will better. If the co. 's strategy is changed negatively, then it will decrease market share. If the publics are enhanced, then the market share will increase. If economic forces increase, then the market share decreases. -Relationships are shown in the

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