Coca-Col Financial Assessment Of The Coca Cola Company

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Coca-Cola – Financial Assessment The Coca-Cola company was introduced in May of 1886. Originally intended as a patent medicine, this carbonated beverage eventually took over the market of carbonated beverages. Toady, the product is sold in over two hundred countries and is consumed approximately 1.8 billion times per day worldwide. This product, made from the kola nut and the coca bean, originally contained nine milligrams of cocaine per glass from the coca leaf. The formula changed on 1904 to utilize a cocaine-free cola leaf extract, which remained until 1985. In a bold attempt to change the company direction and revitalize the company, the formula was changed and New Coke was introduced. In a lesson quickly learned, Classic Coke was reintroduced a short three months later, after backlash and extremely low sales and profits dipped. The 80’s were dubbed the era of the cola wars and changing the formula was a failed attempt to win the war. Throughout the years, investments, creative advertising campaigns, diversified product lines and global expansion has created a vast cola empire. Initial Assessment of Coca-Cola 2006-2016 Financials Scanning through the profit and income data, if one were to simply look at the dollars, an increase across the board would be reported. Profit in millions as of 2006 reported at $15,924 versus the 2016 data of $25,398 looks like an increase. However, looking at the percentage there is actually a decrease five percent overall, dropping

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