Coca-Col Rhetorical Analysis

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“I hate you. Hate. You’re ugly.” “News interview gets happy. We got this. There’s no one like you.” Coca-Cola lets their viewers know they will be there even though the world seems to be against them and full of hatred. Coca-Cola wants the world to be happy and they let their customers or audience know through their commercials. The company is using their product to almost be a light to the world. Coca-Cola is trying to persuade the audience by addressing the problem of hatred going on in social media or more specifically in cyber-bullying.
In the beginning of Coca-Cola’s commercial “#MakeItHappy,” they immediately use the rhetorical strategy of pathos. The commercial starts off with what we can gather of someone being upset and trying frantically.
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They use young teenagers to talk about their experiences with cyberbullying. The first person who talks about their experience with online bullying is Trisha Prabhu. She tells us about how when she was younger she would be bullied about what she wore and how she went dressed to school everyday. We get a visual-aid with, what appears to be, iMessages. In the iMessages, she is being insulted. One of them implies that someone called Trisha ugly and another replying back to the previous message saying “Did you see what Trisha was wearing today?” The second person who talks about their experience with cyberbullying is Brenda Ramirez. She was bullied because she is Mexican. The visual-aid provided for this one is scrolling on Twitter. One of the tweets says, “I hate you, stupid beaner!” Another tweet says,”Go back to where you came from.” The third person who talks about their experience with cyberbullying is Hannah Nissen. In the commercial, they give us a visual-aid of, what is assumed to be, a tweet. In the tweet it says,” It’s NOT a human right to be mentally ill homosexual.” Another tweet says,”Good morning gay people I hate
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