Coca Cola 500 Persuasive Speech

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On Sunday, May 29, 2011 Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the white flag at the Coca Cola 500 and began the final lap of what would be his first tour win in over 100 races. His lead was comfortable. The crowd was blissfully cheering for the most popular driver on tour. At turn 1 the lead was 7 car lengths. By turn 2 the lead had increased to 8 car lengths. Victory was only half a mile away. Then Dale Earnhardt Jr. did the unthinkable. He ran out of fuel. With no gas in the tank, he coasted to a disappointing 7th place finish. While you may not be a professional driver, you have at least one thing in common with Junior: you need fuel to win. I am going to be talking a little bit about driving profitable traffic, no not the kind on division at 5:00 pm…show more content…
Our special today is dark chocolate cheesecake with a tart raspberry glaze. It is out of this world…” Remember, a lot of people really do want the item you are upselling, but perhaps they are hesitant to overindulge or spend too much. All they need is to be convinced. - When a customer asks for a cocktail, assume they want the more expensive liquor by asking, “Do you have a vodka preference? We offer Grey Goose and Smirnoff.” If the customer says, “Grey Goose, please,” then you have just converted a well-drink sale into a high-end drink sale, adding several dollars to the check. Another example is the “nod” technique….(explain the “nod technique”) - One of the most effective upselling techniques a server can use is to show enthusiasm about the foods they are pushing. When they can give details about the food and a description of their personal experience and preference, it can be more convincing than simply suggesting an expensive item. For this technique to work, the server should be genuine. (Give an example from LOF) - After dinner coffee is such a great easy one… Adding an after dinner coffee to your guests breaks down like
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